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got bored of training my Fire Mage Sam. He is lv185 and I am still waiting for the new version so he can rb :(

But anyways I decided to train up my Fire Mage Angela :) Tell me what you guys think :)

-- dark

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That's a very nice angela, I don't see higher trained ones but they are great pets, since that takes over the healing role, and once her rebirth comes out she will be one of the best support pets in my opinion. And if you want her to heal a lot you might want to get her to have a little more sp since her heal uses a lot.
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*steals deaver's angela*

>| muhahahaha

I wish I had a lvl 100+ angela, her rb skill is cool....

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not feaaaaaar ^T mine stuck at 101 >_< really painful training her, and her HP is 600ish ==

so ur angela is nice indeed -P

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Sat, 18 Aug 2012, 12:29am #5
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I scrolled mine at lv20 to effect a blend of Con/Int. Have not really used her just trained her. Hard to give up the lv185 Sam :)

-- dark