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o.O vamp is a she?

Can you get back an account even if you don't remember the email you signed that account with? One of my chars were hacked x.x and I'd love to get that char back though it has been little over a year since I've gotten any word from live support or service center. I know the email...just it's malfunctioning, and won't open up inbox x.x so can't check mail...and can't reset password with a reset mail (if they still have those).

I'm such a troll

Me + Piano

Take them out with Love. One by one.


It's quite fascinating. The way people speak. The way people act. The way people People are different. You see hundreds of cultures all over the world. Some differ by a small percentage. Others can be completely the opposite of another. We think what we think. We do what we do. This all pertains to the function of the brain. Thinking. Then the possible question forms from the confines of some minds. "What if.....?" Yes indeed, what if? What if I did this? What if I did that? How would this benefit me? How would this put me at a disadvantage? What is the purpose of this? The human mind is a very complex thing. It could form millions of thoughts in just one single second without the owner even realizing all And what is this one thought? This one outlier in the mathematical functionality of the brain? This is what we think. Out of all the possible thoughts, this is the one thought we think about at the present moment. And what is the result of this thought? Success. Failure. Love. Hate. Passion. Determination. Character. Personality. Actions....Death.

Watch your thoughts.
They become words.
Watch your words.
They become actions.
Watch your actions.
They become habit.
Watch your habits.
They become personality.
Watch your personality.
It becomes your destiny.

-Lao Tzu