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Here is how to get a pet to add points to the Stats you want most of the time.

Laws of Pet Stats:

1. Higher Stats will get higher and Lower Stats will stay lower. The more points in a stat the greater the chance it will increase. So the lower the stat the less chance it will increase.

2. If you are Scrolling a pet you cannot go below the minimum stat. So if a pet started with a 5 in the stat it will never have less than a 5 in that stat. For reborn pets when you add all those extra points during reborn. They are added to the minimum stat. So if you started with a 5 and during reborn you added 15 points. Its new minimum stat will be 20 (5+15) and will never go lower.

How Pet stats point is awarded During Level up:


I will do a practical example. You collect your favorite pet. Its starting stats are:

Str 25 / Con 15 / Int 20 / Wis 20 / Agi 20

You go ahead and train the pet and it reaches glorious level 2. Now you look at its stats:

Str 25 / Con 15 / Int 20 / Wis 21 / Agi 20

You go what the heck?!?! Why did it add the point to Wisdom. Well here is the reason Why. Pet stat points at level up are random. What WLo does is generate a random number 1-100. It then breaks down the stats to percentages and looks for the number in the the stat range. Lets take the lv1 Pet Stats and say WLo generate a 73 for its number during that level up. If you add the total stat points together and divide each stat by the total you get this:

Str 25% / Con 15% / Int 20% / Wis 20% / Agi 20%

WLo goes in stat order to determine which gets boosted. So when comparing it goes Str,Con,Int,Wis,Agi. Since Str is 25% and the number is 73, it will not add Str. Str+Con is 40%, It will not add Con. Str+Con+Int is 60%, It will not Add Int. Str+Con+Int+Wis = 80%. Since 73 is higher than 61 but lower than 80. It will add the point to Wis. It will not add Agi because the number is lower than 81-100.

Scrolling basics:


Scrolling is the only way for you to actually somewhat control where the points are going. I say somewhat because it generates a random number and if that number falls in a stat you dont want it will still add it. You can get Pet Return scrolls from a variety of quests and from Magic Eggs Big or Small. Also the Jurassic Instance has a small chance of awarding a Pet Return Scroll too. The IM version is the Pet Lethe Scroll and is normally as of now for sale everyday in the IM.

When you decide to start training your pet. Look up all the Pet Return Scroll quests available for you to. You can easily get about 7-10 if you have never done any of them before you start leveling your pet. This can make a big difference in your outcome if you can't buy Item Mall Scrolls and want to scroll at level 20 to get the stats you want. Nothing worse than a Pet with 400hp and 2k sp at high levels.

When you scroll your pet, It is best to start as early as possible which is lv20. From the above information you learned how stat gain was determined. So if you scroll you pet at level 20 to the stat or stats you want it will add more points to that stat as it levels. See Pet Stat law 1. What stat you choose depends on what your looking for in the pet and is up to you.

But if you scroll early you will need overall alot lower amount of scrolls to get your perfect pet. If you wait til higher levels you will end up spending alot of IM or Pet return scrolls to makeover the pet and if you cant do it all at one time you might scroll a point out of stat just to have the pet add it back next level. So if you are trying to rework a pet to add right points at higher levels. STOP TRAINING IT!

Thats right stop. Rework your pet then continue training it. You will end up wasting alot of scrolls overall if you keep training it and it keeps putting the points back when it levels.

Item Mall Boosters:


In the Item Mall you can buy 1 point boosters for your pet. This is where it really gets totally random on where it adds. It is similar to how it does level up. It generates a random number 1-100. But this time the chance for each stat is 20% no matter what the stat is. So if it generates a 56 for its number it will add 1 point to Int, even if Int is the pets lowest stat. Str+Con+Int = 60 and 56 is between 41-60. So when buying boosters from the Item Mall remember that Pet Stat Law 1 does not apply. The reason it does it this way is it allows IGG to sell alot more Pet Lethe Scrolls.

Make your Ultimate Riding Pet for just the cost of a saddle:


1. You will have to have means to travel around the world to do this.
2. Pet must be tradeable.

This is a well kept secret from most people especially newer members of the game. Lets say you decided to burst a Pet to use as an atk riding pet. When you decide this
make yourself 4 more accounts on WLo. With those accounts go around North and South Island and collect Stars, Caps, Bolus's. When you get done let them get the required amount of time online to be able to trade/sell etc. Depending on the pet you are doing will determine the level you will have to get these to. I always do 4 alts and quests til I can do the Black Devil Spar Quest (+20 Spar) that way I have at least +20 spars in my equipment or my riding Pets equipment. Once you get the required level, go around and collect up all the Pet Return Scroll quests you can do with each alt. Normally around 7 easy scrolls to get.

After you have done that take them all to Welling Capital to where Yuna is. Now sell, Make sure you sell it loses less amity to each alt. With each alt use the Scrolls to change the Stats over to where you want. Use all Caps and Bolus's on the pet to help level it up. Then buy as many flower Bouquets from Yuna reboosting its Amity up high enough to trade again without it running away. Do this for all 4 alts. Now you have just Scrolled 28 points around on the Pet to where you want. When you sell back to Original person if they are high enough level it would only lose 10 Amity. So as long as the Amity can stay above 35 you will never have to fear it running away when you train. When you are done with these 4 alts. Delete them and make new ones on the same account to restart the process.

Then Pet law 1 will kick in and the stat you boosted will get more of the level up points as it levels. In theory you can have a maxed Scrolled lv199 riding pet doing this. But it is very time consuming.

Hope you found this guide enjoyable,


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