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Hi and Happy new Year all ^^, sorry this guide is very late xD

Eva Guide

Eva is of of the new pets released in version 3.0. and she is a fire mage
her strength seems less than elin so far, my lvl 1 eva needed 3 turns to kill troll(note =>skills not maxed when tested)

first u need to do complete the first part of Charlotte quest , until u get the Green Key shows in Part 4 of Charlotte quest(in map4)

then with the Key u need to go Inca, and find the cave in one side of the map, then follow the map to quest location
suggested team for this quest is(lvl ranges stated as in
Hugo's Stats and Classes guide)

Level 60-79: Elite - strong guys
Level 80-99: Master - super elites

lower level players can still do the quest with the help of a good team, as always best way is u decide teams after u see the HP and lvl of monsters

One or two water Healer of 1k + HP min is recommended
Or earth support with Terrafiction is highly recommended

once u are in Inca, theres a small cave on map(circled), enter cave and just follow the map to quest location

u have to Fight with
lvl 124 Eva with 32480 HP
and 4 Mummies of different element of about lvl 87-88 and 1350 HP

these mummies swan after killed as follows(since there were lota mummies we have to fight,i forgot the details of spawns, so i also referred to lrenne guide)

mummy top /front line after killed it it will spawn 3 round
mummy top /back line after killed it it will spawn 4 round
mummy bottom /front line after killed it it will spawn 2 round
mummy bottom /back line after killed it it will spawn 3 round
mummy earth HP 5350 level 87 *skill :terrafication
mummy water HP 5350 level 88 *skill :recovery
mummy fire HP 5350 level 87 *skill :mess
mummy wind HP 5350 level 88 *skill :coma)

(NOTE=>the order of spawns may have a mistake, since hard to remember all, if u find some thing pls tell me)

=>main strategy needed is to kill earth mummies as soon as possible , since they use terrafiction, which sure is a real pain xD, if u get caught in terra , try to logoff and come back again xD

=> water mummies use HP recovery and is the least problematic,and seems all mummies at some point spawn to a water, so when its a water spawned, keep it alive and try kill another element

=> when all water mummies are left we , focused on Eva and killed her,
then later we kill each water 1 by 1
(note dont kill number 2nd position water mummy, it spawns to an earth, so keep it as last one)

Fight with little details
i did the quest with 2 waters and 2 fires

first round we try freeze number 1 (and 2) or 3(and 4) mummy or use sleep on eva
then both fires kill top front earth
then it spawns a water, so we keep it alive
then kill bottom front earth
this spawns to a fire(they use mess)
, since mummy in this position (3) spawn 2 times kill this fire also
then kill fire in back, it spawns a water, keep it alive
next go on to wind (they use coma) in top back(2)
kill it , then i remember it spawns a water
now when all are water , time to kill EVA!!

during this time 1 water try freeze or heal or use water shield
other water keep sleeping eva

as i said before kill water mummies 1 by one , after eva is dead

if u have an earth in team u know what to do isnt it hehehehh xD use Terra!
awww....terra is such a great skill when allies use, but a real pain when enemies use xD

hope u got an idea how to fight this, ur suggestions are most welcomed ^^ and i would love to hear strategies from u guys as well


thats a lot for the people who helped me on the quest
and thanx a lot to lrenne guide

and once again sorry that this guide is so much delayed, i also wanted to post this a lot early

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