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Seven Coloured Key Locations

The seven coloured keys is for getting the Turtle Car OR Motorbike design as Otger’s guide shows; however, the locations for the 7 keys and treasure boxes was summarized briefly.

I searched through forums for specific locations, but kept getting sent back to Otger’s guide. I hope this guide makes it easier to find the 7 keys and treasure boxes. I will take suggestions/comments as this is my first guide. (:

If you were looking for locations of Seven Colour Box Locations Click Below:

7 Coloured Keys:

BLUE: Location - First house in Cairo. Speak to the Villager.
Requirement: Pay 20k. Receive BLUE key.

BLUE: Location - Cairo Quest. Talk to the little boy. He is in the house behind the Temple Tower (across the bridge, behind the Props Shopkeeper).

Requirement: Catch a Yellow Mantis, which can be found in the Grassland, which is to the right of Cairo. Make sure you have one free pet space. Return to the little boy and receive BLUE key.

*Note you will not be able to catch a Yellow Mantis if you are 5 levels below its level*

RED: Location - Cairo Quest. Talk to the Soldier outside the cave. He is in the second map of Cairo Grassland. He will instruct you to go into the cave to help Apollo.
Requirement: There are two battles in the cave. After the fight, return to the Soldier and you will receive a RED key and Cyan Devil Spar (+6).

Battle One (second picture is for level/HP of spawns):

Battle Two (second picture is for level/HP of spawns):

Suggestions for Battle One and Two:
Keep Ayatollah sealed because he has mess.
Kill top Mob first and spawn, then bottom Mob and spawn, then Ayatollah.

My team consisted of:
Water 160
Fire Mage 150
Fire Killer 140
*Note: I’m not sure what the lowest level a team can be to complete these battles would be, but I did this battle easily and none of my characters were RB.

RED: Location - Holy Village on South Island. Talk to the Villager in the second map of Holy Village (across the bridge and behind the first house).
Requirement: Pay 20k. Receive RED key.

RED: Location - Kyota (Japan - called Koyota on Map) Quest. Talk to the Vendor to activate this quest. He is located behind the Inn. Next, walk to the cave. The cave is up two sets of stairs at the top of Koyota. Enter the cave and walk to the question mark on the second floor.
Requirement: There is a battle in this cave. After the fight, return to the Vendor and receive a RED key and one Star. My suggestions for the battle (see above) remain the same for this quest. Keep Shading Puppet Lord sealed because he has Terra. I found this battle easier than the battle with Ayatollah.

Battle (second and third pictures are for level/HP of spawns):

GREEN: Location - Inchon (Korea). Talk to the Vendor in the village of Inchon. He is sitting behind the Props Shopkeeper and Weapon Shopkeeper’s Tent.
Requirement: Pay 20k. Receive GREEN key.

GREEN: Location - Inchon (Korea) Quest “Dr. Chang’Jin”. Talk to Chang Jin in the village of Inchon. She is in the first house to the right of the Props Shopkeeper.
Requirement: Go to the Drug Store Owner. Pay 10k and receive Iron Medicine. Return to Chang Jin and receive a GREEN key and 5% EXP Bolus.

*Note: Need to have completed the Oh! Ginseng! Quest to activate this quest.

Talk to the Granny. Click the leaves on the Ground. Receive Smile Mud Statue.

Notes/Other Links:
Summarized locations for keys and treasure boxes:
Possible Prizes From Boxes:

Thanks for reading and Good Luck on questing! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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