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hello all:)

NOTE=> it seems some people are wondering who is a "healer" that im talking about in these guides, ok a "healer" i define here as a water support with revive skill

shasha is a human pet with water attribute,u get from maya

its easy to go to maya in a raft,if u dont know how to make a raft see this, />some people go to maya in one boat XD, but i cant make it hehehe

Note=>u can goto Maya through bellman underground tunnel also

NOTE=> don't forget to record in maya before you do this quest,so that it would be easier to do it again if u get spawned, also take some HP and SP food with u

to activate quest just go to the house circled on map, and then jump to well in map, (i'll try to get a map of well soon, but its not hard to find the quest inside cave)

minimum => i say u need to be lvl 30+(easily spawned if dead), and ur team mates to be lvl 35+ to help u with a lvl 40+ healer(with revive skill)
recommended =>all team members to be lvl 35+, with lvl 40+ healer(with revive skill) to do this quest easy

its an easy quest(if u have a healer, and work as a team), u just need to defeat one alien of lvl 110 with HP 12000 to complete it :)

NOTE=> ET's laser is powerful, and it can cut through 2 ppl