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heechulikame wrote:

the economy is bad simply because people were being greedy...wanting IM stuff for everything..and whatever is not IM is way overly priced...I mean fuel used be like 5k each..a lord gown would be max 1-3m you could even get IM stuff for an affordable price..but then people will see hey this person charges that much for this so I can too..and so on..if people would have only put their foot down and say no fkn way im paying 50 real dollars for this item in a game..then people would eventually have to had put the prices down..but ofc there's people that they just care about having the most to brag and don't care about wasting money so they will pay that and then the majority who have no way of paying that will get discouraged. Then IGG had the great idea (not) of those potions...which yes is great for a don't have to bother buying syrups and stuff..but they damaged one of the few things left .. also I would realize that when I would sell stuff ( I would price it 40g/syrup) and I will see someone buy all of them and then re-sell them for way more than that. I agree that there either needs to be some sort of reset (not full one ofc) maybe even shut down the game for some days and for "developers" to get rid of this fake items and check what people are guilt y of this and make some consequences! so that way people know not to do it again. also maybe make a store in game where you can only use gold. Also it would be nice if they had more events like those where a G-M would be there...and give good prices but it would have to be a game that doesn't give any sort of advantage to VIP players..also they need to advertise the used to be in the home is not..I don't think there needs to be a major update.if they could make it so you can change colors on pets..or get some new clothes out then that would be great. Also i think it would be great if they gave notifications for people who passed 15 r...feel like a lot of people stopped doing it because they were discouraged and knew they couldn't pass 20th round and people like seeing their names .. is like a pat in the back. Also it would be great if the prices in NT were made a bit better..and if they could make new instances..maybe an instance that you could get a pill even if 1% or a strong scroll? but make the instance so that a person with many char can't do it on their own..I mean ppl need motivation..I get that IGG cares about money and all but the more players you get and maintain engaged is better in long run for the game..also there needs to be done something about leveling..don't know what..but its at the point that if your a high lvl rb who doesn't waste real money it is really hard to level up without the help of pill and even then it still hard..either some sort of oher rb?and the cape's stats will double? idk it just needs something for old and new players to have new goals...I mean there's nothing worse than being stuck in a plateau

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