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On the topic of WL economy, it's very inflated and uninviting towards new players, especially those who have only recently found the game and somehow figured that it might be a great game, for some reason.

The economy is so bad because there are barely any gold sinks. Minus the few people who manufacture and buy certain ores, etc. in NPC stores or those who compound. Gold gets brought into the system and gets rarely taken out, even then most people who compound use VIP tickets to purchase the Hawaii materials at half the price per stack to save their gold, because often they gain less from their compound than they wanted due to the book costs alone, which is why everything is so expensive, other than some people being just greedy.

If WL had more gold sinks - shops like the Carnie store, where you can exchange tickets for items, that allow you to exchange gold for either equipment, items or whatever, the economy would most likely be more stable, however WL also has the case of gold bots, so the gold is very flooded.
Gold sinks are very efficient in MMO's, however US Wonderland servers wouldn't be able to implement such a thing, because that would have to come from a CHWL update and I highly doubt they even have such a thing, though I may be wrong as I have never played it.

As for those who still don't understand what a gold sink is after that novel up there, here's an example.
- Books being sold and having a set price in said "gold sink" store, this way they cannot be inflated.
This would affect the pricing of equipment's, because it'd mean they'd be cheaper to make thus the prices wouldn't be as high and if someone was selling something for, let's say 10x what it actually may be worth + ~30% profit, there will always be someone who will be able to offer said item for cheaper, unless the 10x price has become a set price in the market due to high demand and low supply. A friendlier market would mean a higher possibility of new players picking up alchemy if it interests them and being able to help the high demand and low supply issue that often is a problem in games as old as Wonderland.

WL economy cannot be saved unless they wipe everyone's gold and figure out how to stop the gold bots.