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My weapon broke, I thought using Repairing Potion would solve the problem, but I saw that it only works up to the usable. How do I fix my weapon, or have I lost it for good?

Tue, 14 May 2024, 4:31pm swift necklace »
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can istill get swift necklace after i destroyed it

Mon, 06 May 2024, 4:33pm FULL ANGE AND EVA DEATH QUEST »
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Thank you a ton for this awesome guide! Helped me a lot! <3

I just want to add one more thing which has blocked me from starting the cut scene at Mapple Island - one quest is missing here, which is the 'Innocent Angela' quest. Just in case someone get's stuck like I did - you might be missing this quest. ^^


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Mon, 06 May 2024, 4:28pm How to train RB with bigger exp? »
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Hi there, I might not help a lot, but the best way to train is search for a higher lvl mobs (higher than your character). On non 2x exp days I train with 2.5-3x exp potions in Rome (Pangolins) or on sharks (Relic isle). On 2x exp days I go to the training island with higher exp potions.


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Wed, 13 Mar 2024, 9:24pm Original WLO (Chinese) with new large community in English and Spanish. »
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As someone who began playing WLO on IGG since 2010, the prospect of experiencing the original game with new content was incredibly enticing for me.

Below, you'll find the community Discord link (which contains all the necessary instructions), as well as two videos (not created by me) in case they're needed.

- Discord

WLO Drifters: https://discord.gg/cR9TBfX7
Within the Discord server, you'll find download links for translations. Remember to download the update files whenever the game receives an update and place them in the game folder.

- Account Creation and Game Installation

Registration site: https://www.chinesegamer.net/member.asp

Activation site: https://wlrac.chinesegamer.net/

Installation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQZdynrbx8U

Registration video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VKB-8pLjk8&...

Download link: https://wlr.dragongamerhk.com/gameshow.php?id=134

English Translation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Ye8iRBpSU

- My Download Link. For faster access, I've downloaded the translations and uploaded them to Mediafire, bypassing the need to download one by one each file (Consult the ReadMe.txt file inside):

Updated Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ym0x2q9dwzbezt9/...

I apologize if my English isn't perfect, or if this information has been shared previously.

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards!

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If you want to play a new English Wonderland Online which is available on mobile, see here:

This is our Discord server:

I recommend to play on Taurus, not on Aries.

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It's Wonderland in Chinese I guess.
But if you want to play a new English Wonderland Online which is available on mobile, see here:

This is our Discord server:

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Any one know how to register to this game?

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This quest was all credits to Ricci from PH Guild!!


NEEDS/Things to bring:

- Space Craft
- Fine Uranium
- Teleport Scroll for extra teleportation

1. Kelan Village Scroll


Roca's father the Kelan Village leader will ask for the scroll as a first test and follow the map and go to the third floor. And go back to the Village leader. Roca will ask to leave the team and click willing to do it, after the cut scene talk to Roca again and she will join your team.


2. The Mysterious Girl

In exit portal at North island which located a lake, go at the right side and you will see a girl lying on the ground and when you click her, she will join your team.

3. Niss in Danger
Pre-quest(s): The Mysterious Girl

At Welling Village, when you visit the Hotel and Niss at your party. She will ask to stay and she will leave you to sleep at the hotel.

Go to the Welling Village leader(You can skip the scroll Quest, to skip tis just enter and leave) and when you leave ,you will see niss is in danger where "Niss Burned at the Stake". Help her, after the cut scene, your at the hotel again get her and she will join your team and leave welling village.
(Reward: Bright Ring)

FIGHT SOLDIER level 10 at 110HP


4. Get Niss Lucy's Staff
Pre-quest(s): The Mysterious Girl


Follow the map and you'll rewarded the Lucy's Staff and amity +6 for Niss.

5. Roca's Father Death and start off again with Roca
Pre-quest(s): Kelan Village Scroll


A. You need to complete Welling village quest especially the Niss story, the scroll quest can be skippable. First you need Roca in your team. Go to the subway cave with a troll at north island. Roca ask to meet her father. Go back to Kelan Village and in front of Roca's and Village Leader's House enter in and go outside talk to the guards and will tell you where Roca's father going the Welling Village leader. Go to Welling at leader's house and you will see a cut. You'll meet Frederico and the leader of kelan village sacrifice to protect Roca and you as well.


B. After the leader died, go back to Kelan Village and walk to the upper left where cave found, beside the cave found the statue as a memorial of her father, talk to Roca and she will join again to your team. You'll start off again with Roca.

6. Save Roca!
Pre-quest(s):Roca's Father Death and start off again with Roca


In the Entrance of Holy Village, enter to the first house, you will see a dead woman click it, if Roca is in your team. The guards enters and suspected Roca about the woman's death so they drag her to the jail and go to the church and enter the prison, go help her. She's lying on the bed, and will ask for a water due to thirstiness, get amount of water found near Roca click it and give it to Roca, she will join your team. If you attempt to go outside then the guards shows up at level 28 with 307 HP fight them and leave the place. Roca Amity +5

Skip this one if already do the quest. If your character enters the church for the first time then it will trigger the quest about the prisoners. To help them go talk to Abba and will tell you that the Village leader has a Key, go to the Village Leader's place and talk do what he says and will give you the key if you leave the place and will have a cut scene where the Key is.


7. Get Clive!


In South Island as the map shows, there's a pirates cave under the island. Go inside, you can get Clive without Xaolan quest and Magellan quest. Now, when you enter. You will see the question mark, walk till you reach the place of the mark. But wait there's a short cut scene about pirates thing (which is connected to Magellan but this can be skippable). Once the fight is done, enter the cave door and there's a three chest. When you click it there's a fight with pirates, after the battle one pirate will not go with other members. He will ask to join in your team and his name is Clive.


8. La Tim's Lease
Pre-quest(s):Roca's Father Death and start off again with Roca, Save Roca!


After getting Clive, go back to South Island, you need a flying vehicle to enter the other side of the cave as shows in the map. You must have Roca in your party. Go talk to La Tim and get a battle, after defeating him, you'll receive La Tim's Lease and Crystal Skull.


9. Drunks at the Bar
Pre-quest(s): Get Clive!


Go to Holy Village and enter the Bar. You need Roca in your team and you'll see the two villagers drinking and talk to them, they are talking about pirates and Fredrico and will tell you where he is which is at Revival Island.


10. Revival Island (Clive DQ)
Pre-quest(s):Drunks at the Bar, La Tim's Lease


You must have Roca and Clive in your team to activate this quest! Also you have Tim's Lease in your inventory. You can go to Revival Island using vehicle or Teleport Scroll or Bamboo Dragonfly.

The place should be empty were there is no guards appears, if there is. I'm sorry but you need to go to Holy Village hotel and talk to the drunks at the bar. When you enter to the underground stairs Clive will leave, this will activate his death. Click Yes, and will show a scene where Clive will protect you and go on to the next floor.

In order to fight against Fred you need higher level of Roca and should be higher damage as possible to defeat Fred. After the battle go outside you will see Clive lying on the ground and when you click on him, that was the last talk to him, cause he's dead.
(rewards: 3 Star and swift necklace)


11. Korea (Mystic Stranger)


*You need Niss in your team* Go to Inchon, Korea, you'll see the first house, but talk to the woman villager to activate the quest and will tell you about Mysterious lander. Go inside the first house and you will meet her, talk to her. She will tell you what you should do about the three sealed beads for the sake of Niss.


12. Egypt (Sealed Bead)
Pre-quest(s): Korea (Mystic Stranger)


Go to Cairo, Egypt, walk until you reach the bridge at the lake near Crit Quest. Using fying vehicle or water vehicle, you can go to the dessert by passing through the lake to left side.

Follow the Map. Talk to the Archaeologist first and will tell you about the truth stone about Sphinx.

Map 1 Truth Stone

Map 2 Sphinx

Map 3 Sealed Bead - You need Niss in your Team

12. Ice Berg (Sealed Bead)
Pre-quest(s): Egypt (Sealed Bead)


You need be very careful with this part, the four beads protectors can transformed into dragons. You need Niss in your Team.
Wind: LVL 135/ HP: 25690
Water: LVL 145/ HP: 25690
Earth: LVL 150/ HP: 25690
Fire: LVL 140/ HP: 25690

When you arrived to Ice Berg go to the upper part of the cave using a flying vehicle and enter to the strange door.

13. Mayan (Sealed Bead)
Pre-quest(s): Ice Berg (Sealed Bead)


*You need Niss in your party!
Go to Mayan Tribe and walk upper part you'll see a fighters of dodgeball where gives you a star if you play with them and you win. Continue to walk until you see a little boy, talk to him and will tell you about "Illusion Room". Now, fly up at pyramid and enter the illusion room. where as map shows this where found the last Sealed Bead. Follow the Map, when you click the sealed the tribe shows up after the battle the Sealed Protector appeared and warned you about Patties plans and what will happen if the Sealed be together. After activating the sealed Dark Niss will appear and you need to fight in order to protect Niss.


14. Hawaii
Pre-quest(s): All Roca and Niss


You need Niss and Roca in your party so if not, sorry.

Follow the Map and you'll reach Hawaii Hilltop. Then will have a cut scene about Roca and Niss.
(reward: Star Index)


15. Barnya Sky City
Pre-quest(s): Hawaii (Star Index)


*You need Niss in your Team
In Barnya Sky City can be found using Bamboo Dragon fly, Teleport Scroll and Vehicles.

In order to go inside you need Niss here to open the gate. Then you can go inside and there's Niss parents freezed.
(reward: Delis Oracle)


16. Ghostdom (Niss DQ)
Pre-quest(s): Niss, Roca, Key of Ghostdom, Star Index and Delis' Oracle.


*Niss and Roca must be in your Team!
*Key of Ghostdom, Star Index and Delis' Oracle must be in your inventory!

Follow the map and be ready for Niss Death! Be careful on Fred, he has 17k-50k HP

17. Roca Death Quest
Pre-quest(s): Niss DQ, Roca, Frederico


A. South Island - Maka Cave

Have a moment with Fred


B. South Island - Other side of the Cave
Go meet La Tim's
(reward: Taboo Necklace)


C. South Island - Water Falls (ACTIVATE NO STAR)

*You need Xaolan and Roca in your team, amity atleast above 65 to activate. If you already has a GS no need to talk to Fairy's Statue if not othwerwise talk to the statue. Enter the falls and go outside you will see Roca and Xoalan playing and showing their Tattoos. Do not go to the shore! Log out immediately and spawn to Starters beach! Go to Roca's house if Roca is not there go to her father's memorial and click her. She will join your team and go back to Ghostdom.


D. Ghostdom - Roca DQ
Follow the map and Roca will leave your team and click Yes.

Soldier and Devil Snake will show and fight you. You need higher level and higher damage to defeat them. Roca will protect Fred and you as well, you will see how hurtful her death was.
(reward: 5 Star and Amber Earings)


E. No Revive Stars - Water Falls

Go back to South Island, go to the falls near Holy Village where you left Roca and Xaolan. When you walk and walk near falls, go to get them back in your team. You can now go to Hanging Garden to rebirth Roca and good luck for the roll points!



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Wonderland is back! Wonderland Mobile available in Google play

Wed, 03 Jan 2024, 1:30pm FULL ANGE AND EVA DEATH QUEST »
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As I personally experience a lot of part of Eva quest that only posted on YouTube, so I decided to share my questing experience which is there is no needed to watch a video for those who don't want to watch and want to read. So, this guide is for everyone.

You need charlotte in this quest, so you need to complete all pre-quest in order to activate the quest. Also you must follow all guide ascending according to its sequence to avoid those conflicts scenarios.
Noted that you must have in your team at least higher levels non-rb or much better rb to do this quest.

NEEDS/Things to bring:

- Space Craft
- Fine Uranium
- Teleport Scroll for extra teleportation

QUEST: Things to bring

- Manual Blender
- Coconut Basin
- Ladder
- Gyrophora (can be skippable)




Jade Rabbit's Moon Problem!
(rewards: 3% exp capsule, Rabbit's Mush and 10% exp Capsule)
Go to moon using Space Caft talk to the Jade Rabbit and will ask for Coconut Basin give it to him/her, go back to earth and back again to the moon, Jade Rabbit will ask for Manual Blender. Now go to Oslya.

pre-quest: Jade Rabbit
Go to the 3rd cave, in the 3rd cave go to the first portal at the right side, follow the next portal and you will see the Old Woman and Jade Rabbit, She was worried about the food gave it to her She'll tell you about Angela and you must go in forest. Now follow the next portal and you'll see a young lady bathing and will ask to find her clothes. You need ladder, when you get a ladder take Angela's clothes and bring back to her, do not peek her so you will not experience 99999 damage, she will join your team.

Hanging Garden


- Go to Deep jungle using teleport scroll/Bamboo Dragon fly or vehicle. Noted you need Angela and Charlotte in your team to activate all quests.


1. Key of the Babylon
(rewards: Key of the Babylon and 3xp capsule)
- In deep jungle go to the portal next to you and in hanging garden walk straight until you reach the first portal/door. or follow the map.


Huge Mega: HP: 58k
Megapod: HP: 10k/10.5k

respawn once/twice.

2. Babylonian at Mistic Garden
(1st talk rewards: Forgotten Scroll and Amity Love Bouquet)

pre-quest: Key of the Babylon

Remember the key that you get? Is the key of Mystic Babylon, follow the map and you will encounter a fight that the Garden Eagle has 13.5k HP and small eagle has 900HP, and you will meet the Babylonian talk to her, and she will give you Forgotten Scroll and Amity Love Bouquet, talk to her again, she's looking for a purple flower and she will ask you to look for it. But you can skip that and continue Angela's Quest you need Angela in your team.




3. Devil Bull
(rewards: 3% exp capsule)

Go to the Bangkok using Teleport Scroll or Space Craft, go to the portal near RB place and follow the map, when you talk to Ancilla, she will show an underwear with a cow (Devil Bull) picture on it. You face this all alone and you will see why at this first fight. After the first fight there's a second fight that you can now make a team. Devil Bull HP: 28k and Devil Skeleton: 1.5k careful they respawn.



4. Charlotte get drunk!
(rewards: amity +5)
Follow the map, go to the nearest portal behind you and enter to the hotel and you'll see a glass of wine that causes Charlotte get drunk.


5. Church: The Priest

Go to the Church of Domremy, when you enter the church there's a short scene talking between a priest and the nun that where the priest looks in a hurry and left the Church. Talk to the nun and she will ask you on what's going on to the priest. Go and left the church and there's a short scene outside, and Eva will say at Lost Jungle

6. Lost Jungle: Save the Priest!

Go to the Lost Jungle and follow the map to save the priest obsessed with a demon and the villager in some kind of ritual.


Now go back to the portal you entered when you find the priest, go to the left portal just walk the upper part to the portal, be noted that Angela and Eva must be in your team. There's a scene your pets picnic together.

Follow the map2 for a guide to go back to the Lost Jungle, remember the first map placed when you left the Domremy Village. Now go to the village again and visit the church and talk to the nun, as you can see the priest is back . When you left the church, while walking back there is a scene that is like a lost dog that will come near you and Eva. She will feel something inexplicable that the Girl named Wendy is at Eva's Body. Go back to the church again and they will find a way to get Wendy out of Eva's Body.

rewards: 2.5 Holy exp Potion and 1 star

7. Eva is taking a bath!
rewards: 2% exp Capsule

Now, leave the village and go to the lost jungle and walk to the portal in upper left see the Map2 as a guide or just leave the village and follow the Map3, but go to the upper left and when you entered the portal you will see a spring, she will ask you to leave the team where there's a scene that Eva will bathe. Remember Ancilla? she will show up and will ask to defeat Cow Devil be careful! there is a fight after the scene because Evil Armor will show up! After that Eva will join your team.

They can respawn so do not celebrate in advance when you kill them at first.
Evil Armor it has 24k HP
Evil Skeleton front has 17.8k HP
Evil Skeleton back has 18k HP

Wind can Vanish
Earth can Stone Wall
Water can Sleep you need JS knight for this fight to avoid being sleep XD
Fire has a damage so better attack them first!


Kyoto, Japan


8. Angela's Cherry Blossom

Go to Kyoto, Japan much better use teleportation scroll/bamboo dragon fly for fast transportation but if you use vehicle no problem. In This next quest you need Angela and Eva in this quest, enter to the portal which is Kyoto Village, walk straight to the right until you reach another portal this was a forest called Hill Road.


Follow the Map4, as you can see there is a green circle that symbolizes a short scene of Angela and Eva with you in a Cherry Blossom Tree, if there is no scene showed up maybe you need to get back on Angela's or Eva's pre-quests. Now after the Scene just walk and enter to the cave.

9. Solving a Puzzle

Follow the Map5 to make easier solve the puzzle, this will need to push a button correctly, when you press the wrong button in the wrong spot, an enemy will appear and attack you. In the image below, just follow the yellow arrow line a direction that will guide you to go to the red circle which is the destination.

In every part of the Map has a number on it, this was a part number that the puzzle is ascending according to its part number, therefore if you do not follow the guide you will end up encounter enemy and misunderstanding.

In the last part of the map has a big red circle at the open area, there is a fight that needs Angela in the Team.


9. Misia's Armlet
(rewards: 3% exp Capsule, Light Armband and 1 star)

In the Map5 at the last has a big red circle at the open area you need to fight the Guardian this was part of Angela's DQ.

Revival Island


Go to the upper part of the Island that has a ? question mark in it. And you will see a Girl named Gaia lying beside Moai. You need Angela in your team to activate this quest. Gaia will tell you to go to tundra Forbidden Ground located in Inca.




10. Defeat Antruz!

Follow the Map6 and Angela must be in your team.


Antruz: 45.5k HP
Angel of Guardian at range 13k-19k HP

You need JS Knight and high speed for this to prevent being sealed also high HP and damage in order to win this fight. Be careful the respawn!

Inca: You can skip "Cat's Transformation"......
Egypt: You can skip "Nightmare".....
South Island: You can skip "Eva's Cow Quest"........

Mapple Island


11. Your Shine is the Key

Follow the Map7 and while walking or riding in a vehicle, somewhere in the middle there will be a scene, where something lights up on your characters body so the four of you, Charlotte, Eva and Angela, are talking about who will be with you on your journey.


12. Meet King Howert!

In fighting Death Guard you need knight JS to prevent seal from enemy, be careful wind can vanish so this fight can it be will take a long time to finish, to prevent seal them first. They respawn and their HP was about 16k. You need to fight the battalion of Guards 3 times because that consist of 3 rows with 8 members on it.

When you finish fighting those Guards go to the portal and you'll meet King Howert.


12. Meet King Howert 1.0 Angela Death Quest

King howert and Guard was about 18k-26k You need high level on this part and has Knight JS to prevent seal



Eva Death Quest

You need Ma Stone to activate this, charlotte in the battle team.




1. Do not Click Eva when the fight is done
2. Go to Inca, do you remember how you got your Eva before? Go to the cave and get her clone.
3. Store her to the NPC Pet Keeper.
4. go back to the Calcutta and talk to her with Charlotte in team in her last days.
5. Now go back to the Npc and get her back to your Pet inventory.
6. Go to Hanging Garden to Rb her.


[1] Angela's Quest | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mf8XoNZrO4
[2] Angela And Eva(No Stars) and Skippable other Quest | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVFLAJj8Lgc




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Wlo Drifters Server

Fri, 01 Dec 2023, 5:27pm How do i join the WLO discord? »
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Hi! i have been trying to join the discord but keep getting linked expired with all of the links that are in the forums. Can someone please link me a new link please and thank you :)

Wed, 22 Nov 2023, 1:07am How do i level up my cure spell on water faster? »
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just always use it as a heal just like a recovery spell, my cure spell is not as high as full HP but max in lvl, but all good cause 6 ppl in teams can heal faster than heal from inventory during fight.

Tue, 21 Nov 2023, 4:27pm How do i level up my cure spell on water faster? »
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Prepare a **low-level** pet or role with **high damage**. Take it to fight a **high-level** monster.
When the low-level pet or role is hurt, heal it and at the same round kill the high level monster. At this point your cure skill grows rapid.