Sorry it's been so long since the last update. I've been working on improving the site's performance lately since I noticed it's been getting bogged down when there are more than 30 users online at a time...and I have a better idea of how to code some of the stuff now that I've had some more experience.

I ended up rewriting the items, compounds, and recycles section which improved performance a lot! The items and recycles page loads a couple seconds faster and the compounds page should pull up at least two or three times as fast now (about 2-3 seconds instead of 5-6 seconds).

I also added a fake items search filter for compounds/items and an alchemy type for compounds as well.

Another change I made which will help the server load is that the filters for the compound now only apply to the compound result and not the compound components EXCEPT for the name search (unless you check only apply name filter to compound result). I ended up doing the same thing with recycles. I think most of them probably didn't really make sense to apply these filters to all the items in the compounds or recycles anyway.

The filter changes should definitely save lots more memory on the server since they were using up lots of database resources.

Let me know if you can see the difference!